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The Garibay Institute Creativity Masterclass & Workshop

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The Garibay Institute’s Creativity Masterclass & Workshop aims to instill creativity frameworks and orthogonal practices to achieve higher levels of performance with global leaders in corporate, academic, finance and entertainment and policy.

The masterclass and workshop is led by renowned record super producer, polymath and creativity pioneer Fernando Garibay and his team. The core curriculum is based on his “Creativity as a Skill” principles and framework. Fernando’s unique orthogonal approach distills creativity into its basic form while zooming in and out of latest research in a vast array of disciplines; i.e., neuroscience, behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, evolutionary psychology, intergenerational inherited trauma/intelligence transmission, epigenetics, eastern/western philosophy et. al. While cross-referencing his case studies and culture shifting work making hits with Lady Gaga, Shakira, Whitney Houston, Sia, Paris Hilton, Lizzo, etc. Fernando showcases how creativity and hyper-sensing are skills that can and must be taught, honed and mastered - for the evolution of our inner- outer-self; our interconnectedness; and for the betterment of humanity.

We recently had the pleasure of teaching and inspiring a long list of Young Global Leaders and friends at The Garibay Institute on Jan 28/29 2023. This was a very special Global Leaders edition in which we used Hit-Songwriting and Music Production as a proxy and gateway to the creative experience. “We set out to prove that everyone can be a creative being; what we accomplished was this shift in perception and the birth of new artists” -Fernando Garibay

Thank you Lily, Soulaima, Peggy Liu for all the support and help producing this event; and a special thank you to all our new YGL artists.

YGL Artist Participants (January 28, 2023)

Kristine Stewart

Zaib Shaikh

Chris Antegeka

Lily Lapenna

Alice Jacobs

Winston Damarillo

Claudia Massei

Mei Wen

Maria del Castillo

Geogie Giner

Pam Ros Damrillo

Jaime Nack

Fernando Grostein Andrade

Andrea Carafa

Soulaima Gourani Fernando Siqueira

YGL Artist Participants (January 29, 2023)

Soulaima Gourani

John Kim

Robin Merritt

Shashank Sripada

Ramazan Nanayev

Chirag Sagar

Vimbayi Kajese

Sara Sutton

Laura Walker Lee

Yiwen Li

Jeremy Miller

Peggy Liu

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