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Inviting nations to represent their people and culture to engage youth globally through the unifying power of music and shape a universal consciousness to safeguard and heal humanity and the environment.
"Music is humanity’s oldest language and dance music is the most universal genre of the young generation. It inspires thought, heart, movement, and action. Therefore, this modality has been chosen as the delivery vehicle and catalyst for hope and unity".
Fernando Garibay
Polymath & Superproducer of Lady Gaga's Grammy Award-Winning Album Born this Way
This project aims to build an ecosystem driven by musical anthems that will empower countries to tell their story with unforgettable music that attracts attention to their country, culture, and people. With introductions through diplomats from around the world, the project will support and strengthen a country’s best musical talent (its ‘national treasures’) and its cultural industries to write, produce, record, and distribute impactful songs. The result will weave a tapestry of international awareness, cultural growth, and sustainable economic development with a hopeful, positive message.
The Intraplanetary National Anthem was announced at COP 28 in Dubai at the press conference held by the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI) and Digital Art for Climate.
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