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Project Manifesto: The Cultural Worker is the Vanguard of the Post-Knowledge Economy

Manifesto: The Cultural Worker is the Vanguard of the Post-Knowledge Economy
With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, increasingly our knowledge is being supplanted.

Whether it is music, law, medicine, finance, scriptwriting, and other professional services, AI is
exponentially disrupting our lives and our world. All this disruption has instigated the need for a
new kind of cultural worker – one who can still provide the human-centric sentiment.
This is a path that could result in the demise of the knowledge worker and the rise of the cultural
worker and digital artisan. It is a successor to the Renaissance, the original period when the arts
fomented the Enlightenment. Machines are well on their way to passing the emotional Turing
test (i.e. facilitating a limbic transfer). There is still left for us the soulful Renaissance that only
humans can provide and produce. Creativity has its premium and we must double down on our
ability to deliver it.

Indeed, a new value proposition is coming. In the past, humanity has proved its worth by
expressing knowledge and intelligence, eventually ending in wisdom. We will have to get back
there and become the value proposition that cannot be replicated by machines. In this, we are
hedging for and creating a line of defense against Artificial Intelligence. By using AI, we will
find a symbiotic relationship that must not elude us. It is not that AI is replacing us but rather
becomes a compliment to what we, as humans, do. As such, we must leverage Artificial
Intelligence for not only our species’ development but also our creativity.

The limbic knowledge transfer – soft skills - are key to play well with synthetic intelligence. We
need to develop an early line of defense, a unified front to collaborate with non-organic
intelligence. The Garibay Institute, with its interdisciplinary collaborators, is on the front line of
this movement. We embrace a new kind of Renaissance that sees machines as helpers not
hinderers. We are co-exiting with generative Artificial Intelligence and hedging with and against
its unknown externalities. Prepare and join us on that journey.

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